Honki Ja Neekara

Honki Ja Neekara

TitleHonki Ja Neekara
GenreRomance, Slice of life, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorFujiyama Hyouta

Description :

  1. Phase 1 Photographer assistant Kurejima Eiji has just been dumped by his girlfriend when he meets high school student Suginoi Hiroto, who is cold and is trying to warm himself on the roof of Eiji's car. Eiji brings Hiroto back to his apartment, where he discovers that Hiroto is gay and also broken hearted.
  2. Phase 2 It has been two months since they have gotten to know each other and Hiroto is getting more and more attached to Eiji.
  3. Phase 3 Things are still the same between Eiji and Hiroto even after the disastrous night, except that Hiroto no longer stays over.
  4. Phase 4 After the photography session with Yuriko, Eiji's ex-girlfriend and Hiroto, Eiji realises something is changing within himself.
  5. What's Wrong With Being Honest It has been 2 months and Hiroto still can't manage to say those magic words.
  6. 15 Minutes Ago Details of what happened before Eiji came along in chapter 1.

List Chapter :


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