Hitorijime Theory

Hitorijime Theory

TitleHitorijime Theory
GenreRomance, Slice of life, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorKitakami Ren

Description :

Series of oneshots, some of which feature recurring characters.

  1. Theory of Monopoly Sakura and Tachihana have been sharing an apartment and the only bed (platonically) for the past two years. Now as graduation day approaches, is it time for Tachihana to move out? Is there some miscommunication going on? Why have they lived together for 2 years? Will they work it out before Tachihana moves and they never see each other again?
  2. Rules of Falling in Love Wakamiya has liked Takao's face for the past 3 years. Now an assistant sensei has come to their college whose face Wakamiya also likes. Sensei shares a love of sweets with Wakamiya, but when he invites them both to his office, it might be Takao he really wants to see. How does Takao feel about all this?
  3. Rules of Engagement Continuation of the couple from chapter two.
  4. Special Extra School scenes of couples 1, 2, and the sensei.
  5. Smile for You Businessman Hirose is always being helped by his coworker, Nagakura. Nagakura even ties his tie for him! Where is all this closeness leading?
  6. Thank You for Taking Care of Me Miyoshi is spoiled by his lover and coworker Matsunaga. Miyoshi is always venting his frustrations on Matsunaga, but will he go too far?
  7. Afterword

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