Bara To Yaban

Bara To Yaban

TitleBara To Yaban
GenreSchool life, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorKonjiki Runa

Description :

[From Attractive Fascinante]: Chapter 1-4: Rose And Savage Seto Yasukuni fell in love with Tomokazu during middle school. Tomokazu’s dream is to become an illustrator. Yasukuni couldn’t bear to leave the quiet Tomokazu alone and took great care of him. They were separated before they even realize their own feelings for each other. Seven years later, Yasukuni met Tomokazu on his first day in the art college. Yet Tomokazu seems unexpectedly cold… Chapter 5: In Your Hand Chapter 6: In Your Heart Chapter 7: The Innocent Confession Continuation to ‘“Rose And Savage”

List Chapter :


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