Boku No Kichiku Megane

Boku No Kichiku Megane

TitleBoku No Kichiku Megane
GenreSchool life, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorMidoriyama Youko

Description :

1-3) Love Minority Isuka Yoshihito, a high school infirmary sensei, fell in love with a student, Shiina Satoru. However, after Sensei confessed to Shiina-kun, things started to go wrong. The mild-mannered Shiina became totally different and their strange relationship began. (from Attractive Fascinante) 4) Evening Grew A high school reunion brings back memories for Hayashi Akira when he sees his childhood friend Tsujitani Masato. While Masato was easy-going and popular, Akira was quiet and deep and his intense affections and jealousy for his friend led him to destructive actions that would haunt him for years… 5) That Future that is Unknown to Us At junior high graduation Kazuki confessed to his friend Makoto, only to get shot down. They've managed to hang onto their friendship, even though they go to different high schools. But lately Kazuki's love-em-and-leave-em gay relationships are starting to bother Makoto. 6) Paradigm Shift Love Minority extra.

List Chapter :


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