Canvas Ni Kuchizuke O

Canvas Ni Kuchizuke O

TitleCanvas Ni Kuchizuke O
GenreDrama, Smut, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorNangoku Banana

Description :

  1. Canvas ni Kuchizuke (w)o (Kiss to the Canvas) Chapters 1-3 tells the story about the explosive encounter between a boy who loves that people watch him and an artist who loves to paint.
  2. Canvas o Dakishimete (Embracing the Canvas)
  3. Canvas ga Itoshikute (The Beloved Canvas)
  4. Itoshii Yubisaki (Beloved Fingertips) Kazune's childhood fascination with harpsichord tuner Takayama's fingers has grown into an obsession over the years. Now a high school student, how long with Kazune be able to repress his feelings for the cool Takayama?
  5. Goshujinsama to Yobanaide (Don't Call Me Your Master) Being mistaken as a girl and groped often Midori is getting sick and tired of it. Then came Fujita who is kind and keeps his distance no matter how much Fujita truly wants to touch Midori. Knowing this Midori is touched that such a guy exists. With this will love blossom and what's this… Midori is Fujita's… master!? 6-7. Kitsune no Yome (Bride Fox) During a summer festival in middle school Akane is cornered and molested by a guy in a fox mask. It's also the night his best friend Kyouhei stopped speaking to him. It's three years later and Akane still can't move past that night, the unwilling pleasure he received at a stranger's hands, and the look on his best friend's face when Kyouhei saw Akane's ravaged body.

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