Bed No Ue No Tengoku

Bed No Ue No Tengoku

TitleBed No Ue No Tengoku
GenreRomance, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorNomori Mina

Description :

  1. Bedtop Paradise Hata and Hoshina both work at the same video game company. United by a mutual friend at work, Hoshina and Hata move in together as roommates. But when the sloppy, laid-back Hata starts demanding time in uptight Hoshina's futon so he can sleep better, their relationship as roomies takes a step in a new direction, especially when Hoshina realizes he can't sleep with or without Hata…
  2. The Gentle Hand Mother always tells you not talk to strangers, but one day while roaming through the park looking for his lost dog, a young uke stumbles across a homeless seme. Given the name “Kuro”, will the compassion and love of this young uke help Kuro get the strength to face his past and begin to live life again. Will he always be called “Kuro”?
  3. Perfect Lovers Fujisaki is given an important project to work on by Manager Sakaki, but Fujisaki questions why he is given the job. Is Sakaki misusing his authorty? And even if he is, does Fujisaki really mind when his manager looks and smells SO good? Another one-shot revolving around salarymen, big business, and what really happens on overnight trips.
  4. Land of The Distant Sky Pressurized by the moral ethics, the boys will have to make a decision. Family, friends and love, it's a tough choice. Will they finally be together? A teary story about the struggling of our boys from high school to adults. Let's Become A Family! Nakura is a salaried man and has a six-year old daughter. When he found out that his neighbor, Sudou, is a gay, he's kinda glad. An inner perspective of a loving father who doesn't really know how to express himself well, will he fall for Sudou instead?
  5. Bedtop paradise extra

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