Kimi To Kiss Shita Sono Ato De

Kimi To Kiss Shita Sono Ato De

TitleKimi To Kiss Shita Sono Ato De
GenreDrama, Oneshot, Romance, School life, Shoujo, Manga
AuthorOzaki Ira

Description :

A collection of three short romance stories. The Moment After We Kissed: Kei is trying to write her way into fame with short BL novels, but isn't making any progress. To make things worse, she's never even had a boyfriend before! Kisses and Poison: Seto is a girl in high school who's been bullied all her life for her strange appearance and thick accent. But when a guy suddenly appears calling himself an “alien”, how will her school life change? A Naive Spiral: Saya confesses to her love interest, but gets rejected. While she moves on, apparently he doesn't, and things start getting violent… From Baka-Updates

List Chapter :


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