Kareshi Wa Doberman

Kareshi Wa Doberman

TitleKareshi Wa Doberman
GenreRomance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Manga
AuthorSaijou Ayano

Description :

From Midnight Scans: “My cute Kuro, I’m sorry, but I have to go somewhere far away, however, if you are obedient, I will come back soon. So, please, look after this house. I love you, Kuro!” Hitomi gave this promise to her beloved dog, Kuro; however, this story continues a hundred years after this. Mitsuko’s parents are divorced, and her mother did not come to pick her up, therefore, her charming teacher becomes her guardian. Then, one day, Mitsuko and her friends decide to go for an excursion to a rumored haunted old mansion, and then, a black dog suddenly attacks them ferociously. Just when she thought the dog was going to bite her, the dog cuddles around her and brings her to a portrait of a lady, who resembles her! Then, the dog transforms into a naked, hot dude and embraces her…! What will happen to Mitsuko? Will her heart be melted by the loyal and handsome, Kuro? Or, will she be saved by her reliable teacher? BONUS CHAPTERS: SHIBATTE AGIMASU It's hard enough to find friends as is but Hiragi Kotomi finds it more difficult as her boyfriend happens to be the head of a notorious gang. But what happens if someone tries to steal her boyfriend away from her? DOKONJOU GIRL! Kiyoko employs the help of basketball star and notorious playboy Tomoya to break up a couple. But it seems that Tomoya has plans of his own.

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