GenreComedy, Gender bender, Shoujo, Manga
AuthorTakagi Ryou

Description :

Handsome, tall, and charming bachelor Fin Deitory that every woman wanted just made the most regretfully and stupidest mistake of his life. It also changed his whole career which he imagined to be an awesome agent in the SDF, abbreviated for Special Dispatch Force. On the day he was supposed to be starting his job though, he enters the wrong room mistaking the plate name sign to be “SDF: Special Dispatch Force” but instead, it was “SDF: Special Doll Force”. He learns that the group was a secret to the real SDF and was only consists of doll collectors. But the handsome people trap him there because he was also handsome making him also a doll collector. Being a little bit conceited and such, Fin can't think of himself as a doll collector but he later realizes the importance of it….. From Baka-Updates: Fen has just been assigned a position in the Special Dispatch Force (a.k.a. the “SDF”) protecting the King of Vera Morgan. When he arrives at the office for the SDF he discovers he's been accidentally enrolled in the Special Doll Force instead! Fen discovers to his dismay that his new job is to search out and retrieve “bran dolls” with the help of four strange but beautiful men - who have more than just the job on their minds!

List Chapter :


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