Hisho To Yajuu

Hisho To Yajuu

TitleHisho To Yajuu
GenreComedy, Romance, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorTakahashi Yuu

Description :

  1. My Elegant One When Tatsuya Koumura runs into Miyata because of his job, he's wary. Throughout college straight Miyata had protected Koumura from perverts, until Koumura's feelings became something he had to hide. But now that Miyata has found him again, he doesn't intend to let Koumura go that easily. 2-5) The president of Kyouei Group, Kyoujima Eiichi, is making others jealous with his successful career and passionate love life. His secretary, Togawa Akihiko, is an honest man and has been secretly in love with him. Includes a Las Vegas working trip that shocked the secretary with the president's past…
  2. I Hate You the Most in the World Since his grandfather's death 17 year old Kazuki is alone in the world with only his guardians, businessman Kyoujima and lawyer Sasai to look out for him. Stung by Sasai's indifference, Kazuki finds himself leaning on Kyoujima. How will Sasai react? First series out of four. Sequel: “Suit o Kita Akuma”

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