Hisho Wa Shachou Ni Kudokareru

Hisho Wa Shachou Ni Kudokareru

TitleHisho Wa Shachou Ni Kudokareru
GenreDrama, Romance, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorTakakura Tomoko

Description :

In Secretary Kanzaki's eyes, President Shijou is a rich flirtatious guy! Having a good appearance and outstanding working abilities, there are no shortage of suitors for the President, either male or female. So why has he never seriously loved someone before? Could there be a reason? 2. Kataomoi no Nouki In the middle of the busiest time of work, Mura realizes he loves his chain-smoking boss, Shima (Shijou's brother), and confesses to him! How will Shima take the news? 3. Couples 1 and 2 meet in a bar on Christmas Eve. How will things turn out? Get your mind out of the gutter. 4. Shibata has no luck with women, his latest girlfriend just broke up with him after three months. Maybe coworker Toudou can change his bad luck streak? 5) Wakatsuki and Aihara are a dynamic work team. But Aihara is interested in more than just a business partnership. 6) Amane's lover Keigo is very jealous. Will he drive Amane away with his possessiveness? 7) Spoiled young man is being groomed to take over his family company. His ruthless secretary will make sure he's up to the job.

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