Spirit Of Wonder

Spirit Of Wonder

TitleSpirit Of Wonder
GenreDrama, Historical, Sci fi, Seinen, Manga
AuthorTsuruta Kenji

Description :

Contains 12 chapters: 9 short stories, and 3 Miss China stories.

  1. The Universe is so Vast and Wonderful!
  2. Leaving One Night by the Light of the Full Moon
  3. To Invoke the Stars
  4. Little Melancholy
  5. The Young Scientists’ Club
  6. See You Later, God Willing
  7. Marsy in the Land of Time
  8. Natsuko
  9. The Young Scientist Club on Mars
  10. The Melancholy of China
  11. China's Wish
  12. China Strikes Back The Japanese edition collects all 12 chapters in one volume. The Spanish edition from Glénat released the full series in 3 volumes. The English edition from Dark Horse published only the Miss China chapters, first in comic format, then in one trade paperback.

List Chapter :


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