Chiko No Negai

Chiko No Negai

TitleChiko No Negai
GenreComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Oneshot, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy, Manga
AuthorYabuuchi Yuu

Description :

[From ShoujoMagic]: Story 1) Chiko's Wish - Chiko is a young female sparrow in love with a human boy named Shuu. One day, the Grim Reaper suddenly shows up at Shuu's house and shocks Chiko by announcing that he's come to collect Shuu's soul. What can one little sparrow do to save a human life…? Story 2) Crybaby Yukimushi. Akira was always a taunted for her crying. She promised her friend Kei that she wouldn't cry anymore. Now they are in the seventh grade. What it Akira going to do when someone says they want to confess to her beloved Kei. Story 3) Reverse Storm Warning. Kotone and Naoto have been dating for a long time. Nao isn't the most famous or most popular but she likes him. Kotone was talking to her friends but they find her relationship isn't porgressing well enough compared to other's relationships. Now Kotone wonders why Nao is even going out with her and why he's acting differently. Story 4) The Rainbow Fugue. There's a legend that if you see a rainbow at the waterfall in the park your love will come true. Miyabi and Hayate were great friends until they got to middle school. Then they went to seperate schools and almost never sees him. Mayabi wanted Hayate to love her so she goes to the waterfall and finds her beloved Hayate there playing a trumpet. Story 5) Spring Game. Izumi really wanted to play the game Chrono Spring but it was sold out. A guy tells her that he bought two copies and that she could have one. Before she knows it she's in playing the game and meets a guy named haru who saves her life and helps her get out the game. Story 6) Half Bitter Gift. Yukumi absloutly hates Kookie but is in love with his friend Asada. Kookie likes to peaster Yukumi and Yukumi's friend aya is always quiet on the side supporting Yukumi. It's around Valentine's day and Yukumi and Aya are making cookies. Yukumi is making her's for Asada but Aya says shedoesn't know who to give hers to but by what Kookie says there may be a different story to all of this.

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