Joushi No Okiniiri

Joushi No Okiniiri

TitleJoushi No Okiniiri
GenreOneshot, Yaoi, Manga
AuthorYoshihara Yuuka

Description :

[From Fantasyshrine] Collection of oneshots: Sakurai is a new hire who is having a secret relationship with his boss, Chief Akimoto. Even though the chief is gentle, suave, and unexpectedly, a pro when it comes to the H-department, he’s still an “old man” in Sakurai’s eyes! However, Akimoto sees right through the rather naive Sakurai and spoils him to the point that keeps him demanding for more… until they both come to regret it! This is the debut of Yoshihara Yuuka’s salary-man romance! Quick Reference of story titles and pages they begin at: 1.Boss’ Favorite (pg 10); 2.Secrets Under the Suit (pg. 36); 3.Until There’s Love (pg. 60); 4.Cat Lover (pg. 84); 5.Butterfly and Flower Lovers (pg. 120); 6.Secretary’s Choice (pg. 144); 7.The Favorite Subordinate (pg. 170)

List Chapter :


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