Hito Ni Ienai Aidagara (Yukimura)

Hito Ni Ienai Aidagara (Yukimura)

TitleHito Ni Ienai Aidagara (Yukimura)
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi, Manga

Description :

Kensuke meets, through a dating site, a certain “Michiru-san” who's erotic, has a sexy beauty mark near his mouth, and is great at playing coy. Although they both lie and claim they're 20, Kensuke is actually 17 and Michiru-san is actually 26. Not only are they 9 years apart in age, but Michiru also ends up being a teacher at Kensuke's school! As soon as the truth is out, Michiru stoically proposes to end the relationship.

List Chapter :


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